Comprehensive Diagnostic, Restorative, and Preventative Dental Solutions


We offer a full array of diagnostic services, from comprehensive examinations to focused examinations for limited oral problems, gum disease diagnosis, treatment planning, and radiography evaluations.

Dr Schrupp's State-of-the-art Dental Chair


Dr. Schrupp’s most important goal is to keep you healthy! We work with you to create a wellness plan that includes regular checkups and cleanings as well as the best at-home oral care practices that will keep you feeling your best. Preventive care includes teeth cleaning, regular examinations, fluoride treatments, protective sealants, and oral health education.


Today’s restorative treatments are designed to look and feel like natural teeth. Dr. Schrupp offers a full array of restorative treatments to repair and replace damaged and missing teeth, including amalgam composite and porcelain restorations, same-day crowns, partials, and full dentures.

When you have large spaces between your teeth, adjacent teeth can shift and change position. This can lead to bite-related problems, periodontal issues, and the inability to chew food properly. Our team will work with you to make sure we find the solution that works best for your lifestyle and needs.


Healthy gums are not only essential for us to keep our natural teeth, they are important to our overall health! Current research on periodontal disease indicates a clear relationship between oral health and heart disease, diabetes, and chronic inflammation. Dr. Schrupp provides advanced gum disease treatment and deep cleaning, and our team will work with you to create the cleaning and maintenance plan that is best for you. Because the signs and symptoms of periodontal disease are not always obvious, it’s important to come in for regular checkups so your hygienist and dentist can monitor the health of your gums.

Jaw Treatment and Sports Protection

Dr. Schrupp offers custom-made night guards and sports guards to protect your jaw and teeth. Whether you are grinding your teeth at night, suffering from TMJ and headaches, or getting your child ready for lacrosse season, Dr. Schrupp can help you with the mouth protection you need!

TMJ syndrome and migraine headaches can be the result of the misalignment of your dental bite, your lower jaw, or an imbalance in the facial muscles. Bruxism (grinding your teeth) can be caused by stress, sleep disorders, or an abnormal bite. Tooth grinding is also a side effect of many antidepressant medications. If you are suffering from dull headaches, an achy jaw or face, or if we see signs of grinding during a visit, Dr. Schrupp will work with you to determine the cause of your discomfort and whether a night guard is the solution for you. A night guard can be a simple and effective way to alleviate symptoms while minimizing damage to your teeth and jaw.

Today, a sports mouth guard is an essential piece of gear for athletes of all ages. We strongly recommend having your sports guard made by a dentist to ensure that it is the proper thickness, size, and fit for you or your athlete. When properly fitted, a sports guard can cushion a blow to the face, minimizing the risk of broken teeth and injuries to the lips, tongue, face, and jaw. Sports guards also reduce the risk of concussion.

Same-day Crowns

CERECA dental crown is a permanent and protective solution for a damaged tooth. You can schedule a single appointment and have a permanent crown placed on the very same day. With our state-of-the-art CEREC machine, Dr. Schrupp is able to implement CAD/CAM technology to design, build, and fit your crown right on the spot, allowing you to walk out with a beautiful new tooth! CEREC technology also allows for improved accuracy, a more personalized fit, and same-day color corrections.

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